The Ringleaders

So who’s running this show anyway?  Separated by twenty years, seven inches and 5 shades of skin tone, you’d think we have nothing in common.  However, you will often hear us refer to each other as sisters from another mother.  What one lacks, the other has in abundance.  We simultaneously put each other in check and finish each others’ sentences.   Bree is louder, more outgoing, has multi-colored hair, sometimes needs to be put in her place and has a penchant for clothes with skulls on them.  Susan is thoughtful,  deliberate, quietly persuasive, sometimes needs to be put in her place and has a penchant for Otter Pops.

We could give you a litany of credentials and race accomplishments but anyone who has been in the triathlon game long enough could tell you the same thing.  What is important to know is that we both are certified triathlon coaches with a combined 15 years of coaching experience and a combined 35 years of racing experience.  Both have years of experience racing in triathlons of all distances. Both have years of experience coaching women of all abilities for all distances. Both have extensive experience organizing athletic events and both have spent the past seven years coaching for and more recently running from top to bottom and inside and out the largest and longest running women’s non profit triathlon training organization in the country.  Most importantly, we’ve made lots of mistakes and had lots of successes and learned a lot from those experiences.

This year, we decided it’s time to fly the coop, strike out on our own and create a team of women connected to their coaches, each other and their community.

We love to coach, we love to train, and we love to connect with the women who we inspire and who in turn inspire us!